I have a Urethral Fistula – or to put it more plainly, there’s a hole from my urethra to my vaginal channel which is leaking urine into my uterus and channel. I am not happy.

I have been complaining to my local GP Surgery for ages now, that something is funky with my body and I wanted an investigation. I was told it’s probably nothing to worry about, it’s more than likely that it’s just something to do with my being pre-menopausal.

I was sent an appointment letter to see some gynecologist at Princess Anne’s Hospital in Southampton – after seeing that hospital when a friend was in I am glad I didn’t end up going – the place is filthy. I didn’t go to this appointment as I was holed up at UCLH Westmoreland recovering from a small procedure to clean out my bladder – as I was weeing blood clots (and it was something Southampton General Hospital was too incompetent to deal with). I was chided by the Gynecologist’s secretary for not even contacting them (I’m sorry, you stupid bint, I’m not about to whip out my mobile whilst being rolled into theatre). Then my ever so lovely (note the sarcasm) GP chided me for not attending the appointment.

It took another 6 months of trying to convince the twats at the GP surgery to refer me to a gynecologist. It came to a head when I asked in November how I can go about self-referring myself. They took a swab and told me the results were that I had a bacterial infection which is dangerous for pregnant ladies, but I shouldn’t worry about it — WHAT?? Oh a pregnant woman’s health is more important than someone else’s? how is it that the bacteria is dangerous to a breeder, but not to me???

So I finally got an appointment and it was this past Monday. Even the GP (junior GP, Dr Lee) was ridiculous enough to tell the gynecologist that I just needed a pap smear. The fucktard didn’t even listen, obviously. Thankfully I was the last patient of the day so the gynecologist did a more thorough exam and the result is that I have a fistula.

I had surgery 10yrs ago in which I had a new neo-bladder construction, a mitrofanoff stoma installed, and most importantly – MY URETHRA WAS SEALED OFF. I as was to never leak again from my lower extremities.

How this has happened I don’t know. I have my suspicions. I suspect that SUHT in their infinite wisdom used a guide wire too often, getting the foley catheter in .. I kept telling them that they are poking my bladder wall and in particular the base of my urethra .. it has been poked too often I believe, and that more than likely caused the hole in the urethra.

I have said this before and I will say it again – I DO NOT TRUST THE NHS.