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Starting in May of this year I was having issues with wee’ing blood and thinking this is not a good thing (having bright red urine) I rushed myself to Southampton General Hospital A&E Department and what followed has been a comedy of errors. Needless to say, so that I don’t bore anyone, the hospital was shit and sent me home with a proverbial shrug of the shoulders – having done nothing. Saw the consultant later that week, twit did nothing except inject a bladder wash of gentamicin and also basically hope for the best.

A month later, having had this as a recurring issue, and NO ONE in this GODFORSAKEN SHITHOLE helping, I came home from work, with urine so thick & so bloody that I was scared. I thought to myself – I work in London, tomorrow after work I’ll drag my fat ass to UCLH to get taken care of. The next morning, on my way into work, my usual dressing over my stoma got soaked within 15 minutes with blood that I spent the entire train ride sitting in the toilet, clutching toilet roll/tissues/gauze/newspapers/anything to stem the flow of blood. Got myself to the hospital and unlike that sorry excuse for a hospital (Southampton) UCLH was able to fix me up.

Today I went in for a cystoscopy, so that they could get a good look into my bladder – without the camera being obscured by blood clots and blood. Good news, my bladder looks good. And what is more excellent news, my primary urological care is now centred in London.

The Registrar (Senior Resident, for those of us from North America) did the cystoscopy, as she was part of the team that helped me in June. We were chatting whilst she was inserting the scope and I told her my last urologist in Canada was Dr S Herschorn. Her mouth fell open and told me that of course I think Southampton is a pile of shit – when I’ve experienced a world class hospital and one of the top surgeons in the world and to go to the craptastic care of a shitty two bit county hospital (that last bit is me embellishign a bit) of course I’m not impressed with the NHS. She, jokingly I assumed, asked me if Dr Herschorn is looking for any Fellows (Fellowship positions with him are quite rare). She also asked me what winters are like in Toronto.

I also had a Chilean Urologist sitting in on the cystoscopy. I asked him how long is he at UCLH etc. He has also heard of Dr Herschorn.

People sometimes wonder why I am not happy with the NHS. Yes, it’s free at the point of use (for the most part) but when I go from world class care to the shit care in Hampshire – of course I’m jaded.

On a more interesting note – and potential reason why I hate Southampton General – one of the drugs they gave me in ICU in 2014 was gentamicin. Chatting with the anaesthetist today, he told me the only way I could permanently lose my hearing from gent is by them overdosing me. So not only did the dickwads overdose me on morphine, but also on gentamicin, and now I am permanently deaf on my right side.