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Wow, can’t believe it’s been over 12 months since I’ve blogged. Where has the time gone?

A few things have happened, both ill and great:

  • got engaged during the New Year, getting married next month – September – to my Munkie.
  • got a cat – his official name is Flip-Flop, but we just call him Flippie. He’s bit of an odd little fellow. If you’re wearing a dressing gown or anything thick & fluffy he assumes your forearm is a lady cat, and he likes to grind himself. He is fixed – so I don’t know where this obsession of his comes from. He meows at us rather forcefully until we are in position.
  • Left my job at the Housing Association – lodged a formal complaint of office bullying, with my manager being the bully. Naturally, HR sided with my manager. Karma can be a bitch, and it is now biting them in the arse – it’s finally coming out that I wasn’t some overly emotional twit, just wish they had realised this before I left them.
  • I’m in a new role, but I don’t like it here very much. I have serious doubts of them being a going concern. The MD likes to pillage the bank account to pay for her children’s techie toys (ipads, imacs, iphones) and for their taxi trips, cos the precious darlings cannot be expected to actually take the train or bus. And her Housekeeper is on our payroll. The company is also in trouble with HMRC & Companies House. I have been working for the past 3 months trying to get the cash in order, and once I think I’ve gotten close, WHAM, I’m back to square one. It’s so bad I don’t actually do any accounting – it’s all the fricken cash collections all the time. I feel like a glorified Cash Receipts Clerk.
  • I have gone out to my first ritual since coming to the UK – Lughnasadh – and it was fun. It was a little low key, but I liked that for my first foray into British Pagan Public Rites. I met some lovely people as well, so hopefully I can actually start forming those friends that I am craving. Still incredibly lonely in that regard.
  • I have a little tumour in my bladder – working on getting that excised. Originally it was to be done on 18/07/15 but the twat who is my urologist decided at the last moment that he wasn’t prepared, as I was too complex a case. So they are trying again, 18/08/15, but with a different urologist – a uro-oncologist – basically a bladder cancer specialist. Is it cancer? Probably is, but I won’t hyperventilate until I know all the results.
  • Saw Yalla & Kerstin this past December, for the Christmas Markets in Germany. I hadn’t seen them in a while, since June 2010, and Munkie had never met them. All he knew was what myself & Ruthie said about them, so naturally he was quite nervous to meet them. I convinced Madam to join us in this excursion and it was great fun. Next week Kerstin & Yalla visit us, so we will be traipsing about looking at flower gardens and other fun sites in the New Forest/South Coast.
  • Now I’m just madly crocheting my wedding bouquet & little table favours.