So I have been working in my first permanent job since I moved to the UK. I was so excited to get something, because deep down I crave stability in my career – and temporary roles just make me anxious. So I was excited. And I thought I was doing okay, my monthly meetings with my manager seemed to go very well and she had nothing but praise for me. Then I got sick.

I got sick with sepsis in April. It was a complete fluke, one minute I was okay puttering about in the kitchen, and the next I’m begging Munkie to take me to A&E. Due to some comedy of errors I ended up getting overdosed on morphine and being rushed to ICU. I was off work for 2.5 weeks.

I got back to work and all of a sudden the attitude towards me changes. I’m constantly making errors, not meeting deadlines and not writing my monthly reports correctly. Bearing in mind that I was only off for less than 3 weeks and I have my full mental faculties. I discovered, chatting with a co-worker, that where I work the senior management like to pretend they are supportive of people with health issues & disabilities, but the reality is very different .. he took one sick day a couple years ago and he never heard the end of it. One other co-worker had surgery a couple years ago and she returned to work too early because of pressure from her management.

My manager keeps changing her mind with regards to what she wants in the monthly reports. Telling me that I need to know what the Exec wants to know is useless as I don’t attend Exec Meetings – which I pointed out to her. I’ve looked over what  changes she makes to the reports and other than some wording there is very little difference. She fleshes it out a bit more, but mostly because she is aware of what the Exec is asking about (which I don’t know).

I’ve looked over how the reports were done before she joined the company – there was consistency each month, same schedules, with variance analysis between actuals vs budget vs prior year actuals. I can work with that, that is how I have worked in prior roles .. and that is how most accountants work. But there is something about my manager – she just keeps tinkering, as if she is second guessing what everyone wants … and she wants to prove that she knows best.

She’s managed to suck up to the new Assistant Director. The new director has hardly spent any time with the other managers in the department, but most of her time with mine. The other two managers just roll their eyes and get on with their work. 

Soooooo I have not passed my probationary period. So legally I have been let go, though I have been offered a lower level role with less money. It’s still a decent salary. But it’s galling. My manager and director asked me how I used to produce reports in Canada. I said there was consistency – the requirements were the same – report IT costs, changes in intercompany, cashflows, fixed assets, changes in revenue, and accounting policies. I suggested that it would help if the systems could actually speak to each other. But the rent system doesn’t communicate with the accounting system, there’s a separate HR system, and A/P system .. they all require data dumps into Excel and then uploads into the accounting system. I said it gets much easier when you stop relying on manual labour and actually get decent systems in.

So I have the option of rejecting the offer and leaving at the end of August, or accept and keep job seeking. I am of the opinion I should accept and just keep job seeking. Employers are extremely slow in the UK with the hiring process. So it would be nice to have money coming in whilst job seeking.

I need to speak to Munkie about this, but I think he’ll agree with me.

I do know this much, I want to go back to a corporate environment. My manager said she came from corporate .. I so wanted to snap that it’s been 25yrs since she’s done corporate.