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I have just noticed that it has been about 6 months since my last blog post. Have I been busy? Not really. Life goes on and other fun shite.


I was working as a Management Accountant with a construction company, when I last blogged. But due to my gender being female, and senior management wanted someone with some testosterone in the role, I was let go in December – shortly before Christmas. Was I tempted to report them to some Industrial Tribunal for gender discrimination? Yes I was, but to be honest I was wasted there and I spent most of my days on the Amazon website and my new love – eBay!


Though that company did one of the most stupidest things in the world – they appointed the Finance Manager as the new Financial Controller. I say “stupidest” because this wonderful example of the delights of nepotism is not a good accountant. He got the role because the CFO liked him and appointed him. Now he’s an FC and is barely able to keep it together – from what I hear on the grapevine. He was always a waffle, which drove me nuts. Either make a decision or go away and let me make a decision. He would also ask inappropriate questions during interviews – do you have children? His excuse being that people with a family are more motivated to work harder as they have a family to support – to which I would say “bullshit”. A family is not just 2 adults plus some sprogs. And to think that only people with sprogs work hard is pure bullshit .. the number of times this twit had to run away to take care of some issues with his sprogs are countless.


I digress.


Now I’m a new role. I have been here for a month, thusfar, and it appears to be a good place to work. I’m still getting used to the British workplace – especially the obsession with open plan working spaces. Not even a token little barrier so I could pin up some notes or whatnot. Nope, it’s all purely open plan and I hate it. But the UK appears to be about 15yrs behind the ball with regards to this. Offices in North America are beginning to swing the other way, with higher walls between desks and even in some cases offices. Wonder how long the UK will take to realise that open plan means lower productivity, and higher rates of illness.


Other than that, there really isn’t much going on in my life. We’re moving into a new house – leaving that shithole that our soon to be former landlord insists is top of the line. When there is mould growing on the bathroom walls, even after you liberally bathe them in bleach, there is something wrong.