I’m shortly to become one of the millions of unemployed. I knew when I took this role at Strawberry that it was for a fixed term. The role was, initially, to go til the end of January. So in a sense the fact that it has continued longer til the end of March is good. I’ve had my issues with Strawberry – I still think it’s a behemouth and very badly structure. In come companies the staff hierarchy is like a pyramid – many little workers with each level of management being smaller and smaller. Here at Strawberry it appears to be the opposite – for example I had three managers.

Am I sad that my time at the Strawberry is so close to being finished? Yes and no. Yes, cos I met some interesting people and I frankly enjoy having a job to go to as I like the idea of paying my own way. But also I am happy as the brutal commute is nearly at an end. I don’t mind commuting, in general, I’ve done it for prior roles before. But to commute to a role where you are basically hitting up against a wall each time you try to do something can be quite tiring. Have I achieved anything of note whilst in this role? Not really, I was hired on to work on a system implementation and I got paid reasonably well for it – but the implementation team is a mess as there is no one taking a leas position on it. They are lurching about and I know deep down that it will be a fiasco.

So now I just need my P45 and get myself down to the Job Centre. I’ll get a max of £71 per week, but dammit, I will need it. Thankfully I have saved up my shekkels to the grand total of £3000 so hopefully that will keep me going for a little while until I find something new.

I was hoping to find a new role – I have been job seeking since the end of January. But looks like if I get another short term contract offered to me I will probably take it. Unfortunately I am getting calls for a Project/Systems Accountant. My greatest fear is being pigeon-holed into a role which I don’t have a real love for .. I am a Financial Accountant, and that is what I want to keep doing.