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It’s like a merry go round for me lately, trying to find a urologist who can take care of me – in the UK. I still hugely miss Dr Herschorn as we had a good rapport, I understood him and he was vastly knowledgeable in bladder reconstruction and urological issues. Here in Hampshire I’m finding very difficult trying to find someone.
Due to a simple post I made on the Mitrofanoff Support Group’s Facebook page I was able to request a referral to a Mr Birch. I had a lovely appointment with Mr Birch yesterday and I was quite pleased with him. He was very knowledgeable about Bladder Exstrophy and the delights of having a mitrofanoff stoma – stenosis, bladder stones, bladder flushes etc. Mr Birch is trying to get a fully body MRI scheduled for me – so that we can start with taking care of me in the UK. So I was soooo pleased and felt on top of the world coming home from Hythe Hospital.

The only downside for me, with regards to Hythe Hospital, was that there was carpeting in the Out Patient clinic. I have never, ever, seen carpeting in a hospital except in an executive’s office – cos they don’t do perform anything remotely medical in their offices. I was flabbergasted to see so much carpeting – how does one go about mopping up bodily fluids? There’s a reason why most hospitals have “naked” floors – easy cleansing and hygiene.

So anywho, I get home and I then ring Southampton General Hospital. The previous night I received a letter telling me that I have an appointment with a Mr Dudderidge in March. I don’t know this man, I have never requested to be referred to him. I did cancel an appointment with Mr Hayes a couple weeks prior, mostly because his specialty is prostates and testicles. Mr Dudderidge’s specialty is prostates and testicles, mostly in the realm of using robotic devices for delicate cancer-related surgery. So I rang yesterday to cancel my appointment with Mr Dudderidge for the exact same reason – I don’t have a prostate or testicles nor do I suffer from testicular or prostate cancer. An hour later I his secretary rings me asking me to reconsider.

Supposedly Mr Dudderidge has done many mitrofanoff surgeries, all at the Royal Marsden Hospital .. bully for him. All I know about the man is what I could determine from his last 20 papers submitted to medical journals and symposiums – all about testicles, prostates and penis repair. Nothing, absolutely nothing about bladder conditions or reconstruction. So I told his secretary that I am extremely hesitant to deal with a urologist who is basically a penis doctor. After much cajoling I agreed to see him, but on my terms. I demanded that an appointment be made that is convenient for both myself and the doctor – I do not appreciate getting letters informing me when the next appointment is, I want to weigh in and let them know at the time of booking of what is available on my calendar. I shocked them, but they acquiesced to my demand of being either the first or the last appointment – that I will not be showing up for an appointment in the middle of the day.

So now I am to see Mr Dudderidge, god knows when, and I know why I got that phone call. I’ve had it before, a urologist gets excited about the prospect of “playing” with an exstrophy patient – we are rather rare and exotic and great fun for those who are tired of constantly looking at men’s bits. I’ve had urologists back in Canada try to poach me from Dr Herschorn, cos they want to make a name for themselves (cos realistically how much research do you need on how to digitally feel up a prostate?) and exstrophy is a much sexier field to be in.

Will Mr Dudderidge be acceptable – time will tell. I told his secretary yes, but I will be checking him out and he’s not adequate I will drop him immediately.