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Why doesn’t anyone in this country take ownership and responsibility for anything? I know I am generalizing, but lately whenever I have had to deal with an issue and call Customer Service or whatnot I usually get a conversation something like this:

– Hello I would like to know when the bus is going to be coming to this bus stop by Strawberry Inc? It’s about 20 minutes late.
– It was on time when it left the depot.
– That isn’t what I asked, I asked when will it reach here? Is there a way to contact the driver to check to see how long it will be?
– I don’t know when it will reach you. I’m in Chicester, there isn’t anything I can do.
– You do work in Customer Service, yes? This isn’t the first time I have contacted your offices over a bus that appears to never be on time.
– I can’t do anything, I’m in Chicester.

I blogged about my GP getting me referred to a Urologist specializing in the cancer care of prostates and testicles, and when I asked her why her response was “I’m doing the best I can, I don’t know what your needs are”. I had actually told the stupid bint what I needed and suggested to her that in the future instead of making these unilateral decisions over patient care to actually speak to the patient.
Again, I know these are just a small number of examples, but I am finding that there seems to be issues with people taking ownership for anything. Admit that you made a mistake and then let’s move forward. But no, people are so obsessed with not taking the blame or admitting a mistake.

Today’s situation is that I did not get paid. To say I am pissed is understating it. I rang Pebble Inc and it appears that my manager at Strawberry did not sign my timesheet, even though in an email she did say “approved”. It appears that policies had changed at Pebble about a month ago and I need a physical signature.

Today’s conversation was:
– Hello I did not get paid today
– You did not get your manager’s signature
– I did get her approval, it’s in the email I forwarded along with my timesheet. You’ve been accepting it like this for the past 3 month
– You need a signature
– Can I speak to the head of Finance?
– No
– Can I get their name?
– No
– Who can I talk to to get this resolved
– You need to speak to your employment rep
– But she has nothing to do with payroll issues, that’s what you as the Payroll Department are for
– You need to speak to your rep

I managed to speak to my employment rep and supposedly she had a conversation with me a month ago about this requirement. I don’t remember this conversation. Again with the “but it’s not my fault”. I threatened to stop showing up to work until she gets everything fixed up.

Those of you who are British – why in god’s holy name does no one take ownership for problems?