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My Munkie is a lovely chap, he tries very hard to make me happy and content with my life in the UK. And this is good as the dreaded homesickness has hit me. I know I can romantasize about Canada and forget some of the frustrations I had whilst living there. But it was home. And I miss home.

What do I miss about home?

  • Obviously my Momma Bean
  • Friends – Parsnip, Jenn, Brian, Stephanie, Spiros, Lydia, Kari, Daniel, Krysia, Cat and so many others
  • Friends – Parsnip, Jenn, Brian, Stephanie, Spiros, Lydia, Kari, Daniel, Krysia, Cat and so many others
  • Going clothing shopping with Cat – always great fun, not only did she organize my wardrobe it was fun having girly days out
  • Embolden – an open group started up by Stephanie and Spiros a couple years ago. There are a number of open rituals such as Imbolc, Beltain and Samhain if you’re of a Celtic persuasion and a number of Greek Rites to deities such as Athena, Dionysis, Apollo and Aphrodite
  • The Wild Nights of Greekness – going to the Canadian Greek Communist Club for drinks and then carrying on the party to a local Greek Restaurant – with Brian, Stephanie, Spiros, Dominic and sometimes Maddy (before she left)
  • Just being able to walk out my apartment building and be able to have a plethora of choices with regards to restaurant – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Thai, Greek, Napalese, Indian, etc
  • The changing seasons – I miss snow. I know there was some sprinkling of the white stuff in Hampshire but it’s not the same
  • I miss my 24-hr pharmacy and grocery store
  • The fact that I did not have to speak to the pharmacist unless I was filling a prescription – I hate having conversations with regards to why I want to purchase Pepto Bismol or why I need some laxatives
  • I miss my hospital – Sunnybrook. I was with Dr Herschorn for 22 years, his secretaries knew me and Donna in the Cystoscopy Clinic. She was so incredibly helpful to me

So Munkie is trying to get me past these feelings of homesickness. I am also feeling quite lonely and I admit I have been taking my social networking a little too seriously – because of this friendship void. I am by nature a rather shy and reserved creature. It takes me a while to trust and feel comfortable in any given situation. And unfortunately, with my working at Strawberry, I come home completely shattered without any energy to go out. So weekends is about the only time I can socialize, if I can. But every other Sunday is the Roast Dinner – which I am still trying to get used to. There I am quiet as well, as it is a self-defense mechanism for me – to crawl into my little shell.

So this past weekend we went to the Mitrofanoff Support Gala Dinner on Saturday. And on Sunday we went traipsing about the New Forest. What was sweet is that Munkie knows I miss some of my more pagany activities – so he took me to Burley which as three witchy shops and is the former home of Sybil Leek.

We did have great fun in Burley – picked up some low fat chicken sausages, I got some candles and incense and we got to meander. As well Eyeworth Pond – with Mandarin Ducks in the water. And sadly I cannot escape this – Canada Geese.