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I begin the job hunt, yet again.

My contract at Strawberry PLC is due to come to an end this month. To say it has been fun here would be an overstatement. I was hired on to help out with the conversion to a new accounting system. And boy have I tried with that project.

Strawberry appears to have this tendency to hire people on a temporary basis, with the vast majority of the employees in my office on short-term contracts. I can understand using contractors for construction roles or other jobs which tend to be seasonal. But engineers? Accountants? All temps.

The Management Accountant, who was also on contract, has left Strawberry. So I have been roped in, to help with the yearend. Trouble is Strawberry has not set me up with the necessary network access to perform the functions. So I have been getting rather terse and angry emails as to why I am not meeting deadlines. How many times can one say “give me the access and I will be able to answer your questions” before you decide you need to kill?

From what my other fellow prisoners tell me this is fairly normal for the Strawberry Management – get someone in to do a job, panic at the last moment that they cannot perform the desired function due to not being setup properly on the network.

So the search begins. At this point I would like a permanent job, for the sense of security, though I am willing to accept longer-term contracts.

Anyone willing to hire an Opinionated Bean?