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2012 was an interesting year for me. It started off so well, had a huge upswing in the middle of the year and has tapered off to a point where I am not quite sure what I am doing with my life. Hopefully 2013 will be better.

Some highlights – both good and bad:

  • at the beginning of the year I was flying back to Canada from spending Christmas 2011 in the UK with Munkles, who I met on Twitter. I was feeling so high and sad at the same time – as I had a wonderful Christmas week.
  • Finishing off the process to get my Lithuanian Passport – I’d been working on it since late 2010 but I was finally able to get all the documentation together – my dad’s Travel Visa issued by the Military Government of West Germany in 1948, birth certificates, old passports etc all being photocopied, notorised and professionally translated. I finally was able to get the passport in early July of 2012.
  • While finishing off my LT passport application I got to spend 2 days in Ottawa with my Momma Bean. It was a bit bitter sweet as she knew what my goal was, but we had a lovely two days.
  • Munkie came to visit me in March – I took a week off work and we went down to Niagara Falls, spent the night there with a spectacular view of the Horseshoe Falls, visited a bird sanctuary and wandered about.
  • Momma Bean met Munkie.
  • Exposed Munkie to the delights of Vietnamese, Korean and Eastern European cuisine.
  • Dr Herschorn agreed to do the perineal repair – yay!
  • June I had gall bladder surgery, or atleast theoretically – the perineal repair was done, as was the removal of a very large bladder stone. But sadly I had too much abdominal adhesions for the General Surgeon to see anything safely so the lapriscopic attempt wasn’t successful
  • Both Jenn and Stephanie were lovely during my recovery – taking care of me. Stephanie took me to the hospital the next morning as I wasn’t able to get my catheter in and Dr Herschorn was able to fix me up and we got to spend some time with Brian at the Sunnybrook cafeteria. I had jello and 7-Up for “lunch”
  • The purge of my wordly goods was quite painful – I still greatly miss my iMAC, my iPAD, and my books (1000+). The purge was good as I was too cheap to ship it all on a cargo ship. I managed to reduce my life down to two suitcases and a backpack.
  • August I flew out to be with Munkie. Getting through Customs at Gatwick was a breeze – not once was I stopped, as with an EU passport I was able to bypass the huge line-ups
  • Had a couple mini-holidays with Munkie – Harrogate and Ely
  • Got to see my Ruthie a couple times
  • Made a baby blankie for Geeklawyer’s & Mrs Geekie’s new prince
  • Had a gall bladder attack and discovered how the NHS is about 30yrs behind the times with regards to care standards
  • The UK government treats its citizens like simpletons when it comes to medication – I had to get permission to purchase some Lemsip, and don’t even get me started on a conversation I had with a pharmacist over my request to purchase Pepto Bismol .. it’s behind the counter here and you need to request it, even though you don’t need a prescription for it.
  • Getting a urologist is extremely painful here – GPs can refer you to a hospital and it’s up to that clinic who you get assigned to. If I need one who specialises in bladder repair why not just refer me to them directly?
  • I did not have a wonderful Christmas, it was pretty painful during certain points and I hope to whatever deity there is that I don’t have to go through such emotional pain again.
  • And now I am contemplating how I want my life to go.