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NHS GPs suck!

I may be biased and I have been told that I may have been spoilt whilst in Canada. But to me a GP is a medical monkey – they are there to sign the necessary scripts I need to manage my urinary tract infections and write referrals to surgeons/consultants. I had an excellent relationship with my previous GP, I’d go in and knew exactly what I needed and we’d have a short conversation. Out would come her prescription pad or referral forms and viola! I would then be able to go on and deal with whatever pressing medical issues I had.

I may be overweight, but my blood pressure is good, so is my pulse. Here’s a cute list of how excellent my general health is:

  • Moderate to low blood pressure
  • Acceptable heart rate
  • Low cholesterol
  • Excellent sugar levels – ie. No diabetes
  • Yes, I have some minor scoliosis but nothing that impedes my life
  • Liver is fine
  • Heart is fine
  • Kidneys are fine
  • Lungs are fine
  • My RBC is fine

So all I really need a GP for is to refer me for things like gynecological care (as all adult women should have a gynecologist), a dermatologist if I need one. A plastic surgeon (for my never ending cyst formations on my scalp .. requires removal every 5 years or so).

So what do I get in the UK? I get assigned to a GP who I have yet to see – he’s on leave. So I have seen the Senior Practice Partner (she wasn’t that great, probably should retire) and a junior partner. I have yet to see my own GP. Of his own stupid volition he has found me a urologist, without consulting me with regards to what my needs are. I got assigned to a Mr. M Hayes at Southampton General Hospital.

Mr Hayes is an Oncology Urologist – he specializes in testicular cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. I’m not a fucking cancer patient. What I need is one who specializes in Bladder Reconstruction. Oncology Urologists spend their days fondling testicles and prostates, not deal with funny things like Bladder Neck Repair, Mitrofanoffs, Urosygmoid Ostomies, Cystoplasties or other forms of augmentations.

I have rung Totton Health Centre. Oh we’re so sorry, but Dr Powell is not scheduled to return from leave until this Monday. No he’s only seeing patients on Monday on an emergency basis. No we’re not open on December 27th & 28th – it’s Christmas Week. For fuck’s sake! People get sick .. surprise surprise not all of us are god fearing Christians .. If you go into a career that requires you to deal with the public (like doctors, nurses, paramedics etc) then you must be prepared to work as not everyone is a Christian. Illnesses don’t stop cos some fat man in a red suit is busy shimmying down a chimney so that a bunch of spoilt sprogs can get their toys.