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Next week I will have been living in the UK for four months. Yay me!

Some things are still funny to me, and some are rather exasperating.

The bus I take the rail station, last night, was late by 23 minutes so I missed my train by 2 minutes. I rang up Customer Service and when I stated that I was rather irritated that the bus has never been on time I got the whole defensive “there’s nothing I can do, I’m in Chichester” – uhm you are Customer Service, you could log my complaint about the bus service, yes?

The whole obsession with Health & Safety here is nuts. Every Monday morning at work there’s a set of announcements of how we need to be more careful. I nearly laughed out loud when it was brought up that someone had rolled over a colleague’s foot with their chair the previous week. I nearly laughed as this was brought up as an example of how we need to pay attention to Health & Safety. I was told by a fellow inmate that American companies are like that – to which I said no, that’s what companies in the UK are like. This hasn’t been the first example of H&S announcements and concerns being bandied about as if we are simpletons.

In general the UK authorities seem to be obsessed with being Nanny to everyone. Can’t purchase more than 3 packets of pain meds and invariably the pharmacist asks why you need them. To which I sometimes ask if I need a prescription to get some Advil .. no .. so then just take my money.

I’ve also been at the receiving end of a rather angry outburst from Munkie’s dad about how I am unreasonable about my attitude towards Southampton General Hospital (in case you missed it, I think it’s crap). No thoughts were running through his head that I have been dealing with hospitals since I was born, 40 years ago. So I’ve decided that I will not share anything with this man – his opinions (no matter how erroneous) trumps everyone else’s. He loves his grandkids and his two sons, so at heart he’s a decent fellow – but I have decided that I shall smile and nod and not share anything with him. It’s easier to not share, that way I don’t have to hear how I am being rather jingoist and unreasonable in my opinions.

There are a few things which I do miss incredibly. Naturally my Momma Bean and friends. But strangely I also miss Dr. Herschorn. I had been his patient since I was 18 til age 41 – that’s over half my life. Other than my family he’s the only person in my life I’ve had such a long relationship with. Scary. I miss his quiet ways, his knowledge of me & my quirks, and that I felt comfortable sharing with him. I hope to find a new Urologist here in the UK who I can develop a good rapport with.