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I have been in the UK, as of today, for 3 months. During this time I have been looking for work. I did get a job offer with one company in London but foolishly turned it down thinking that another company in Southampton would so fall in love with me that I would barely have to commute. Due to my hubris I did not get the Southampton job – the Senior Manager was not impressed with my lack of knowledge of their newsworthy activities in the local area. As I was new to the country there was no way I could have known. When this was pointed out to them, they said “oh” as that was the only sticking point .. but by that point it was too late, the job offer went to someone else.

 So I continue job hunting. I got a 3 month contract as a Business Analyst with a local company, but I realized within a week that I wouldn’t be happy there. Many of the duties I had to perform were to prepare reports and analysis, which could be used in case we ever needed them. So effectively I felt like I was part of some department that was focused on creating its own work. The people were really nice, but the work was just ridiculous. Coming from a Financial Accounting background I saw no added value to what I was doing. So I went to another company – who was in the midst of an SAP implementation and needed help.

I do like it here, for the most part. The Management Accountant is some jumped up little prick with a serious inferiority complex. My role is to clean up the subledgers. So to that end I have been trying to clean them up – that means, surprise surprise, write-offs. I sent my write-off requests in, they were approved by his manager but he refused to sanction them because he thought it important that I hunt down the vendor and get them to send us invoices from 3 yrs ago. Even his manager ordering him to give me the necessary approval and GL codes was not enough.

I’m about to say something which is completely inappropriate. I hate working with south asian men. Maybe it’s something cultural, but everytime I have worked with one (4 different occasions) I have walked away with the exact same feelings of frustration and exasperation. There’s this attitude of yes, I am a good accounting Bean, but they know best, even better than their own supervisors. They tend to be rather dismissive, especially of women, and strut about like little napoleons.

I am hoping to find something more permanent. I like it here, and I would quit immediately (cos it’s so painful working with this ass) but he’s just resigned so yippee! He’ll be gone soon.


My frustrations with him also lie in the fact that he never responds to an email. I sent my JE requests a week ago with nary a response until I mentioned them to his manager & the EMEA Financial Controller .. then I get rather terse responses of “reject” without explanation. The fact that I am trying to work with an unfamiliar COA would stand to reason that telling me which GL account should be changed would be greatly appreciated.