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So I made the biggest move in my life, ever. I flew out on August 22nd and landed at London Gatwick on the 23rd.  And there was my Munkie, whisking me away to my new life in Hampshire!

It was a very big decision on my part – giving up everything to take a risk, but as I keep telling people, you only have one life so try & live it. My approach was that I didn’t want to go look back on my life and regret not taking this chance.

In the lead-up to the big move there was a lot of stuff I needed to get rid of. Luckily my mum, Jenn and her Fraser were a great help in getting rid of stuff. Sadly most of it went into the tip, but the good quality stuff had already gone – sofa, bed, computer, tv, book shelves, most of the dvds and books. My last night in my flat was very empty feeling – the flat had a strong echo in it.

My feline overlords were handed over to their new humans – Aras went to Ellen and Linas to Chris. So my biggest concern was dealt with. I had decided that it would have been too difficult for them to make the move with me. Being cooped up in a small carrier in the cargo-hold for 8+ hours. They are both not very good travellers, and Aras managed to destroy his carrier when Ellen came to pick him up. Funnily enough I put him in a pillowcase for his big move, which is just poetic in my opinion.

So now I sit in a flat in Hampshire, watching Come Dine with Me, and becoming more and more addicted to Great British Bake Off.

Here’s hoping that I can find a job in the next month so that I can get on with life.

Upcoming Events for me – Mitrofanoff Support Day in Harrogate, Forky’s Wedding, Motorhead and Tori Amos.