Warning – this is going to be a fairly long blog post.

I gave my notice to my manager at Potato Inc. that I am leaving in the middle of August for personal reasons – mainly that I am moving to the UK to be with my chosen partner – Munkie.  Her reaction was as expected, she turned white a bit and then started musing how to replace me.

Now Monica, who have blogged about in the past, is at home resting from having broken her leg. She was so delicate with her footwork that she required orthopedic surgery and cannot put any weight whatsoever on her leg. So she’s at home until she gets the okay from her doctors. What does this mean? It means that my manager is doing Monica’s job plus her own. There’s no way she can also do my job without having a nervous breakdown. So I was told to hire back the idiot, Mr Ching, who had covered for me during my gall bladder convalescence.

Mr Ching has been with me for two weeks now, trying to learn how to be as magnificent as I am. I had told my manager that I had reservations about Mr Ching, as he is not able to make decisions readily without a lot of guidance – which isn’t what you want in a Senior Accountant. But she wanted Mr Ching and Mr Ching I have.

Instead of typing up paragraphs I’ll just point out areas where Mr Ching is seriously lacking:

  • He does not want to accept the concept of internal controls – I have had to state firmly, even yelling at him, that no I cannot give him my passwords, he has his own & he should use them
  • He doesn’t want to deal with anything Accounts Payable related – problem with that is that the A/P Clerk reports into my role, which means that yes he has to deal with A/P issues and in a timely manner
  • There are deadlines which need to be met and he seems rather lackadaisical about meeting deadlines
  • I had to explain to him what is the difference between an Accrual & what is a permanent journal entry
  • He’s never done a bank reconciliation
  • His understanding of revenue & expense recognition principles is very non-existent
  • Keeps asking me how to perform a Revenue Analysis – even though I have told him (and yelled it too) that the Revenue Analysts do the analysis, not him
  • He wants me to teach him how to put together a budget & a forecast .. yes, I banged my head against my desk. He doesn’t seem to accept the concept that you cannot create these in isolation – that the most time consuming part of this process is having discussions with the relevant parties – IT, HR, Office Managers – to determine what their spending needs will be for the upcoming year
  • He doesn’t know how to prepare a variance analysis
  • He doesn’t accept the concept of “Flashed Results”
  • And this is a personal set of issues:
    • He’s got the worst bad breath
    • He likes to lean over me when trying to figure out what I am doing. I hate being crowded, and yes, I’ve slapped his hand out of my face several times

I have no hopes for Mr Ching. I don’t think he’ll last much longer once I am gone. He honestly believes that he’ll be hired on permanently to replace me.

My manager informed me that she expects me to complete everything before I leave the company. And my thoughts on this are – stupid HR has done nothing to help facilitate a transfer to the London Offices of Potato Inc, and what can my manager do? Fire me?  She can’t stop me from leaving this coming Friday.