I have given notice to my manager that I am leaving Potato Inc. It was actually a rather delightful conversation, atleast from my point of view.

I admit I’ve had my ups and downs with my manager – the facial expression on her never changes – whether happy, sad, angry, annoyed or joyful, just the same look. She could be downright rude and catty and yet understanding. I am not used to having a manager with such mood-swings.

I am moving to be with my Munkie and have been working on this for a very long time. I have always wanted to move to another country and have been working on getting my EU citizenship via my father. It’s been a 2yr process, and during the process I met my Munkie.

I worked on it in earnest starting of this year, went to the Embassy and filled out all the proper paperwork and found all sorts of documents that more than fulfilled the requirements for EU citizenship. I have been waiting for 10 weeks for my passport. Once I got it I gave my notice.

My manager looked shocked but recovered rather quickly. I was asked to call the employment agency which supplied a temporary replacement for me last month while I had gall bladder surgery. Sadly Mr Chang was not a delight, was difficult to train on the most basic of concepts and f*cked up royally while I was recovering for 2 weeks. So I was shocked when my manager asked me to ask the agency for his return.

Anywho, another 2 weeks and I’m done at Potato Inc. My manager hasn’t told anyone that I am leaving – no emails, not even a request for anyone interested internally in my position.

Somehow this does not surprise me.