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I am to go into surgery this Tuesday, and I’m feeling okay with that. My greatest concern is with regards to my job responsibilities. My manager asked me to hire a temp to cover for my recuperation period. So I hired someone, a young man named Charles. He seemed competent when I had my interview with him, but now I have some very strong reservations.

Charles has been trying to understand all my processes, and I admit my job isn’t something that can be quantified as “on tuesday I do x, on wednesday I do y”. It’s more of what time of year, so February to May is re-forecasting and completing several different tax schedules. As a Chief Accountant my day to day activities are not the same, they vary greatly.

I am concerned that Charles will not be able to complete the journal entries I need done for monthend. Nor prepare the variance analysis for the Flash Meeting with my Manager and the CFO. Tomorrow I show him my Prepaids Schedule, Reporting Schedule and my Intercompany Upload. I hope to god that he doesn’t fuck it all up, and lives up to the trust I had put into him.