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I’ve been mulling this over during the weekend, trying to figure out how to work this without too much of a fuss or claim upon my loved ones’ time & energy.

I met with the surgical nurse on Friday to discuss the upcoming surgery, what I need to do to prepare, and suck gallons of blood out of me. One thing she did bring up and I never thought of, I need help when I get discharged. I don’t mean help getting home. I need to assure the hospital staff that I will have someone with me for the first 24hrs after I get discharged.

This has me a little scared as my last surgery, according to the surgeons, I was beginning to decline towards the end of the surgery. I did manage to wake up in my room on the ward, saw my dad sitting by my bed and we chatted a little. I fell asleep and woke up 5 days later in ICU. I really don’t relish the idea of going through that again.

So I need to find someone who can babysit me for 24hrs to make sure I don’t pass out and require emergency attention. I would ask my mom, but she’s a tiny little elderly lady. So who to ask? I really wish Munkie was by my side, he’d make sure I’d survive.

Soooo who wants to be my babysitter?