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As the vast majority of the world does not regularly have surgery most are not aware that you don’t just show up on the day of your day surgery and viola! everything is ready for you.

I got a lovely email from Colleen, my general surgeon’s admin assistant, informing me that I am to come in tomorrow morning for the pre-op. What does this entail? Oh the delights of the medical system can be such a mystery to some.

I am to have some blood draws tomorrow morning – basically they need to suck me dry like a vampire and take oodles of vials of blood. This needs to be done within 30 days of any surgical procedure, and this will be within 12 days so I’m in the “safe window” so to speak. No concerns over this except I have some of the world’s crappiest veins and if I may dispense with the political correctness – the only people able to successful suck out more than a few drops of blood out of me are tiny filipina ladies and angry middle-aged jamaican ladies (or trinidadian). I have yet to have a lovely Irish lass or some no-nonsense german successfully draw blood from me. So I’m hoping I get the angry middle-aged jamaican lady tomorrow.

So blood draws? Yes. Those, and then the usual weighing me and measuring my height, asking questions about my diet and if I am on any medications – all very important as this will have some bearing on how well I’ll tolerate the anaesthetic. Then the usual script for citro-mag, a lovely lemony flavoured drink from hell…. a few teaspoons of this atrocity will clean out the innards of an elephant.

The most important to me is what time I need to show up on “slicing day”.

And what I am wondering about – what are the chances that I will be kept overnight? The last time I was under I did not cope very well physically and my BP plunged and I ended up in ICU for about 5 days. So I kinda hope that if I do decline that it be while I am in the recovery room. Thankfully my mom will be with me, so she can harrass the nurses if need be.