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As I have blogged many times in the past I work for Potato Inc, a fairly large multi-national advertising firm with some very large clients.

As is the way with all things Finance there is this wacky thing known as “yearend” – it’s quite similar to “monthend” except there are more reports to prepare and shorter timelines before results are expected. I am responsible for the financial reporting and reconciliation of two of the largest units here at Potato Inc’s Toronto Offices. I will not go into great detail as to what my responsibilities are – suffice to say I am not a bookkeeper or clerk, I am an Accountant.

I have mentioned before that I have certain expectations of myself and of my work colleagues – one of them being that you actually know how to produce a financial statement. And also that you meet all expected deadline expectations.

Because of the tight turn around required for yearend and the fact that I reconcile two monster entities I was told by my manager, last Friday, that while the other accountants had to submit by 9:00am this past Monday I can submit at 4:00pm – so that she doesn’t get inundated with binders & statements. I came into the office on the weekend to complete one company so that I wouldn’t be as stressed this Monday when completing the other one. I dutifully submitted everything by the expected deadline – all immaculately reconciled with no queries from senior management, as I am a stickler for providing lots of back-up with regards to my journal entries and reconciling issues.

Twit submitted at noon, Monica at noon had still not submitted.

My manager had some very harsh words for my colleagues – why can Bean submit her binders & statements at the required time and you all cannot? She came in on the weekend as the expectation of Senior Accountants is that you meet deadlines and this deadline was not a surprise, obviously you are not capable of time management.

There are moments when I really like my manager.