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For those who are “professionals” in the strictest dictionary definition you’ll understand when I say I hate doing my CPDs. A professional is usually someone who belongs to a self-regulating body which ensures that its members keep up their skills by continuous training and eduction – even after they have achieved their certification. In my case it is in accounting. This applicable to teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentists etc. Basically professions which are trying to maintain a high level of public confidence.

For myself I am a Certified General Accountant. I worked damn hard to get this designation and there is no way in hell that I am jeapordising it. Which means I dutifully meet the requirements by achieving my yearly quota of CPDS = continuing professional development. Today it was “Introduction of MS Access 2007”.

It was an okay seminar, just long, the whole day. It was fun learning about the programme and how flexible it is. But at the end of the seminar our presenter said something which made me think – good god, why we learning about this programme as accountants? Why this question? Because there is no security in Access 2007 – there is no way of limiting the end-users’ ability to f*ck with the database tables.

Ever since Accountants got creative with Enron & Worldcom there have been some fairly strict controls put in place – everyone’s favourite being Sarbannes-Oxley (SOx). This means we have controls coming out of every single orifice you can think of, and then some. There is no way in hell that a Finance Department would use MS Access 2007 if the security & access controls are lacking – it would put into question the integrity of the entire database. So again, why the hell am I attending a seminar on something that I won’t be able to use in the office setting?


In general my CPDs this year were hit & miss with regards to what I “learnt”. The session on tax planning for immigrants was quite informative and made me think of ways a current resident of Canada can look into their own tax planning. The session of SAGE Business Vision was a bit sh*t. But that is because I have only ever worked in large multi-national companies, and a programme like Business Vision is too small & limited for what I do day to day. But for a small business it appears to be adequate – just wish the presenters were a bit more current on the state of Sales Tax (VAT) in Canada.

What does 2012 hold for me with regards to CPDs? I have already signed up to do the Tax Law course to gain my ACCA. This means 15 CPDs for me, with needing just another 5 which can be done with a couple online seminars. Huzzah!