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Yesterday we all individually sat down with our manager to discuss our monthend (October) reconciliations and also our quarterend Fixed Asset Reconciliations.

For those who are not of a financial persuasion in most companies atleast quarterly you would reconcile the Fixed Asset subledger to the Balance Sheet. This is a control to ensure that what we are reporting as Fixed Assets is accurate and we haven’t missed anything. In most accounting systems the subledger rolls directly into the Balance Sheet so that the reconciliation serves the purpose of just testing the system. But in our case we have a complete separate Fixed Asset system where we track the assets via barcode. So our reconciliation serves the purpose of ensuring that transactions in both systems match each other.

Mine rarely does and that is to be expected. As my two units have the lion’s share of the assets and IT keeps going into the inventory system it stands to reason that I will be out of balance. But a reconciliation does not mean that you fail it if you do not match, the purpose is to show why you do not match. I can explain my variances, and therefore I always get management sign-off on my reconciliations.

Twit, who has been with Potato Inc for over 20 years and has some of the easiest reconciliations ever is having problems. Management refuses to sign off on Fixed Asset Reconciliation, because she cannot explain a variance of $400.00. So yesterday afternoon it was her typical plaintive cry of “BEEEEAAAANNNIIIEEEEEE I need you”.

She’s under this mistaken impression her mismatch is due to her assets not being loaded correctly from the prior accounting system into our new one – SAP. I told  her that was bullshit and she needs to prove it. She was ready to just pass the reconciliation to the SAP IT Finance Team to figure it out for her. I told her that was complete bullshit, yet again, as it is wrong to expect someone else to do her job.

I showed her how I do my reconciliations and then told her to leave me alone until she has a useful comment or question. How to do a reconciliation after you have been a Senior Accountant for atleast 10 years is a stupid question to ask, and just shows her ineptitude. This is the same one with the sprog who thinks it unfair that she cannot take time off whenever so she can spend time with her ankle biter.

The latest with Twit is that we get a week off during Christmas – it’s a perk, not a right, and it’s a lovely perk which I know I am taking advantage of. But because of the way the school year is this year her kid is off the first week of January. Twit actually asked for that week off so she doesn’t have to put her 8yr old in daycare. Manager looked stunned and reminded her that first week of January is our busiest as we are preparing our yearend close & schedules, and no self-respecting accountant (short of death or fatal illness) can expect to have that week off because they have child-care issues.

I hope today is a quiet day.