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This week my manager is AWOL, she’s taking her last few remaining vacation days. What does this mean for your beloved Bean? As the next highest ranking person in Finance I’m left to deal with the twits who infest the department. Oh and the CFO. I get the delightful pleasure of dealing with all the CFO’s quirky demands & requests.

In many countless posts I have stated how lacking in Accounting knowledge my colleagues are. And it continues.

Twat, our A/R Clerk, has this mistaken concept she calls “cash on account” — there is no such fucking concept as Cash on Account in Accounting. When a client/customer overpays you it is not to be treated like a reduction in Accounts Receivable — it’s a fucking liability, known as “unearned revenue”. Twat applied an overpayment that was meant for another profit centre to one of mine, thereby reducing my AR. Twat’s only comment was that as my profit centre is the controlling unit she applied it there and asked if that were a problem. I told her rather tersely that yes it was a problem, and yes we’ve had this conversation before. As I have the ability to do correcting entries into the subledgers I would have appreciated a head’s up so I could fix this for financial reporting purposes. I told her this violates all accounting principles as my financial statements are erroneous.

This is what happens when you have idiots who started working as Accounts Payable Clerks straight out of university, who have no formal training in Accounting, performing financial transactions which impact the Financial Statements. Twit, who is a Senior Accountant is one such other person. Every month it’s the same refrain – Beaaannnnieeeee help me! I can’t get my Balance Sheet to balance.

Kill me now.