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Now that I have been home from my hols for 2 months I thought I’d share a few observances:

  • I do not understand why there seems to be this “great” divide between what is considered the North & South. The UK is a small island. Maybe coming from the perspective of living a great big country that spans several time zones it seems odd to me. But when I told friends that I would be popping up to Newcastle to visit a friend I got one fairly universal response – WHY? To which my answer was “WHY NOT”. I’ve never been, I’m not tainted by this concept that there is something odd about the Geordies, nor that Londoners are odd either.
  • The concept of distance is funny to me. Again, probably cos I live in Canada popping over to Ottawa from Toronto for the weekend is fairly commonplace – it’s only 500km away, so about a 5hr trip, no biggie .. just hop into the car or onto the train or bus after work and you’re there by 10 or 11pm. The amount of preparation required to leave Jess’s place to get to the London area I found interesting. For me a 3hr car trip is no big deal, just pee before you leave and that’s it.
  • I greatly missed Geeklawyer, I admit it. I hadn’t seen him since before my sepsis. We had spent a pleasant few days together in Lithuania, and he got to meet my father – Poppa Bean. Despite his propensity to nearly kill me each time we travel together he is a wonderful travelling companion. And huzzah, our flat in Vilnius had broadband, so two geeks weren’t without their interwebs while there.
  • Despite Geeklawyer’s objections that I should be loyal only to him I love Ruthie. They don’t socialise much anymore, but I am the glue that still binds them to some extent. This past holiday it was funny, I felt like I was in the middle of a child custody agreement – one left to go to work while the other arrive at the driveway to pick me up, with my suitcase at the ready.
  • I love spending time with my Deviant Chaperone. He always finds interesting bits of the UK to show me. With him I have seen Old Sarum, Avebury, Brogdale Farm, the Bank of England Museum, Chimes (a cider pub in Pimlico), been on a boat with him twice, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court and due to him I’ve developed a strong liking for Pimms.
  • I got to introduce my two favourite lady lawyers to each other – Ruthie & Buki. Hopefully they will get along quite nicely. I think they will.
  • Got to see Miri. She, along with Buki, can be so high energy that I just get tired watching them get excited.
  • And… the big thing, it is possible to see the UK withouth going bankrupt!