I came in to work today with an email announcement that Potato Inc’s Manager of Compensation will be moving over to the Finance Department and that a new Payroll Manager will be put in place. Yvonne, who is moving over to Finance, is the individual who causes me the most pain at monthend – cos she leaves work without completing her ME reports, cos it’s 4pm and it’s time to pick up the sprogs. It was so bad that I had to come in on Thanksgiving Day weekend on Sunday and work through on Monday at home (all day) to complete Yvonne’s reconciliations so that I could complete my ME Binder and do my reporting. I spoke to my manager about this — that I had to spend 7hrs covering Yvonne’s ass cos she had to leave on the Friday at 4pm.

I was chatting with Twit earlier this morning and she wondered how Finance will cope with Yvonne leaving at 4pm. I said “what coping? Yvonne will have to stay until she meets her deadlines, even if it is past 4pm.” Oh but she’s got an understanding with Management that because she has small kids she has to leave at 4pm everyday .. you don’t have kids, you have the time to stay behind to finish off your work, but those of us with kids need to be home by a certain time.

I say “bullshit” to that. If you take on a senior position in Finance the understanding (and it’s in the ESA) is that you are not legally entitled to overtime pay, time off in lieu and whatnot. There are deadlines that have to be met, shit happens, and sometimes yes you do have to stay past 5pm in the office. If you’re overriding concern is to be home for the kids – don’t become an accountant and isntead find a job that will give you such rigid hours. I told Twit that.

I cannot say that all parents are like this, but here at Potato Inc the general theme is that those of us who are childless should take up the slack cos the others have kids to take care of. Oh yes, I have gotten the question — Beanie!?!?! can you please finish this off for me? I always say no, unless it’s an emergency (and you needing to leave at a certain hour to pick up your kid is not an emergency).