My last day in England and I was alone, left to my own devices. Sadly I was not able to reconnect with Tron, and try as hard as we could V and I were not able to get together either. Curses!

My ultimate goal was to meander down to the Westminster Pier and take a boat out to Greenwich. I had never been there, various guide books highly recommended it as did my Deviant Chaperone – Mr David. Sadly it was not to be – it was raining rather heavily so I decided instead to just take a wander about Holborn and then up to the British Museum.

I got a quick FB message from my LAB (Lord and Bastard) one Mr Brian Walsh asking if I could pick up a magazine called Wonderwall so he could tease C3 (concubine #3, Stephanie Gray) with it — cos it had Eric from True Blood on the cover. Now, in the colonies when one is looking for a magazine a good place to look is in a bookstore. Oddly enough the ones I went to did not have magazines — only books; shocking!

I stopped off at an italian restaurant for some spag-bol, from a long morning of popping into bookshops. I sat by the window enjoying the rain and watching the general populace just walk by. At some point I managed to heave myself off my seat and get to the British Museum.

The place is so huge that it is not possible to do it all in one day, so I decided to concentrate on one area — Late Medieval Europe. Saw some impressive gold torcs, a roman mosiac that was unearthed/discovered at the Bank of England, and a sh*t load of Italian tourists. After 3 leisurely hours at the Museum I just started wandering about. I didn’t see anything of interest to a tourist, but I enjoyed the walk with my bright red umbrella.

Managed to get back to the LSE, pack, and have a pizza at the Domino’s across the street.

Dead exciting, I know. But I was on my own and I wanted to stay in the area and relax.


Saturday morning I managed to roll myself over to Holborn and get onto the Piccadilly Line to get me to Heathrow. I still hadn’t managed to get the magazine LAB wanted. I thought I’d give it one more try at a WH Smiths, and if I couldn’t find it oh well. Checked it, went through security, and viola! I was in the departures lounge of T4 at Heathrow. I managed to find that pesky magazine LAB wanted – and it weighed a tonne!

I also picked up a few more gifts for people. My mum loves tea (I don’t know why, I personally think it’s vile) so I got her some tea at the Harrod’s shop at T4. The pesky magazine, some more jellybabies and some chocolates for myself — cadbury buttons. I then had a lovely light breakfast – I hate the full english – and managed to just get some eggs, a bit of bacon and some toast. No sausage, no beans, no fried tomato .. just something simple.

Got onto my flight and promptly fell asleep. As I have mentioned before I have this uncanny ability to fall asleep rather easily on planes – much to Tarotcub’s disgust. Landed in Toronto and rang Tarotcub to let him know that I was safe again in the colonies. Met up with him at a local pub and the only money I had was some pesky pounds which oddly enough the bartender did not accept.