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The plan was to show up at the Pastry Wallah around 11am, to meet Mr David. The only unknown variable was whether Derek could make it. Getting off at Thornton Heath I was alighting from one carriage and there was Derek coming from another carriage. Wunderbar!

I had an umbrella as it was raining. Derek didn’t have one, which I thought odd what with rain being rather ubiquitious with Britain. Anywho we both got to the pastry wallah and I was handed over some wedding cake brochures — not sure why. I didn’t think a rather moist & disshevelled colonial looked like bridal material, but who knows.

We were picked up by David and again taken to parts unknown – this time Kent.

First visit was to Brogdale Farm. I quite liked it. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was wafting about and I had a glass of pear juice to see me through. Brogdale is home to the National Fruit Collection, associated with the University of Reading. They grow practically every variety of apples, pears, plums and other fruits found across the globe. Our tour guide took us about the collection and we got to sample some of the different varieties grown at Brogdale.

It was interesting to see the tiny weather station found in the middle of the farm, collecting all relevant weather data for further study and possible usage in the development of new strains of fruit.

After a lovely & relaxing romp through the fruit trees we were off to Canterbury!

We tried to have a late lunch, but sadly we couldn’t find an eating establishment at first, so instead we stopped for some Pimms.

After getting suitably lubricated we went off to the Cathedral. It was lovely, as is any tourist attraction. But my favourite bit was one of the cloisters, where it was only myself, Cantrell & Derek. It was so quiet & peaceful & restful. Afterwards we went to the Cathedral Shop to get more tatt, as I was a tourist and it is expected that I would load up on crap & shit.

We finally found somewhere to have a meal, at the Buttermarket in Canterbury. I had gammon & chips with egg. yumm!

After a lovely lunch/early dinner we wandered about for a bit, to work off some of the calories. But at this point I was feeling rather sluggish from a more than filling meal.

Orf to home! We were dropped off at Thornton Heath Railstation. Whilst in Canterbury Derek and I dragged David into a souvenir/tatt/crap shop and picked up a few joke items. I was blamed for leading Derek astray in the purchasing of a comb for bald blokes which he gave to David. Not my fault! But yeah, let’s blame the innocent short colonial. 🙂

Next day was to be my last day in the UK — to spend alone. I was hoping to take a boat from one of the piers to Greenwich, but sadly the storm gods had other plans.