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I was to spend the next two days with my deviant chaperone, one David Cantrell. I met him ages ago in a land far faraway – Belgium I believe (which he seems to believe is not a real country).

I had to move my arse from the LSE down to Thorton Heath Rail Station via Victoria. I was to meet Mr David at a pastry wallah just around the corner from the Rail Station. I show up and lo! There is one Derek Bush, who I had not seen in years. Him too I met in this mythical land of far faraway.

We hopped into a Toyota Hilux (I think it was a Hilux) and zoom! off we went to parts unknown – atleast to me. Our first stop was Avebury. And is our wont, the first thing we did was to stop somewhere for a spot of lunch. We had a lovely and rather windy lunch at the Red Lion in Avebury Village. We walked off, atleast some, of the calories we consumed walking the perimeter of the village which just happens to be an ancient stone circle. It was a lovely afternoon, with a light breeze, sun shining and none of our smartphones worked whilst within the perimeter!

Gasp! What are three geeks to do, without access to the interwebs. Astonishingly we managed to survive being cut-off like this for a couple of hours.

We stopped off at a village shop, The Henge. I picked up some tatt for home and found a lovely book for Cantrell – Tea Shop Walks of Wiltshire.


Next we went to Old Sarum, where we scampered about. I got some sloe gin, and cherries pickled in brandy.

Got back to London-town and went to a lovely oriental restaurant where we sat on benches, and shockingly no plastic table cloths! The food was yummy. Only concern was how to get back to the LSE as there was no tube station nearby nor rail either. I had to take the bus!

Derek and I manage to take the correct bus and it got me “home” rather quickly, in about 25 minutes. I dropped me off right outside Holborn Tube and it was just a quick toddle over to the LSE.