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I have blogged a few times about Monica, the dippy twit who works at Potato Inc, reporting in to Charlotte.

Charlotte is taking next week off, for holidays. So what does Monica do? Book a couple days off as well – that means their subsidiary will have no one managing it for 3 days next week. Today is our weekly cheque run, Monica does her own. Instead of attending to her duties she’s decided to take part in some ridiculous corporate sponsored volleyball tournament.

Monica at every given chance prefers to take a day off, without regard to monthend timelines.

She’s rather dippy. And now that she’s been with Potato Inc for 10 months believes she can be mouthy to me, and that she is my equal. I’m sorry to burst her bubble (and I have on several occassions) but being a Junior Accountant is not the equal of Senior Accountant. I have spoken to Charlotte about Monica’s propensity to take on an air of superiority with me. I do not appreciate it, nor do I want it. Monica must learn her place, and by jolly she shall.

Monica is still having problems understanding the basic concept that I need her to fully reconcile one of her units before I can close the books on one of mine. Why I need to remind her of this each and every single month, I know not .. and this is what I ask Charlotte.

Charlotte has admitted that she has weekly update meetings with Monica. And she has admitted that Monica is not performing to expectation. My question is then – why do you keep her? Get rid of her, there are oodles of others who would relish such a position.

I may put some chili powder in Monica’s telephone earpiece. I am just evil that way. Unfortunately she has no plants for me to poison.