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It seems that those days that I was in London it rained, when outside of London there was no rain for me. Interesting coincidence? I know not. Anywho, I decided that for the first time on this trip I would sleep in. I had landed at Heathrow the previous night around 9pm and it took me about an hour to get to Holborn by tube. The grocery store nearby, Waitrose, was closed and I was hungry. And guess what was available in the neighbourhood (meaning I was too lazy to actually search for anything) — a 24hrs McDonald’s. I got myself a kid’s happy meal, stopped off at a corner shop to get some juice, and a banana for my “breakfast”.

Woke up on Tuesday and decided “meh, it’s raining, it’s my hols, I’ll sleep some more”. I managed to drag my arse out of the LSE around noon and as it was raining I didn’t relish the idea of taking a boat cruise on the Thames. So I went to the Tower of London – the perennial favourite of all tourists.

I thought that with the rain being heavy at times that this would keep a good portion of the tourists away. In some ways yes, in some ways no. Walking about the place was grand as everyone was trying to avoid the rain. Cos I packed light, I wasn’t dragging some heavy purse so I was able to amble about with a bright red umbrella. Got into the White Tower, saw some lovely pieces of armour – Henry VIII’s from when he was newly crowned and from when he was just a scant couple of years from death … the man was huge towards the end, quite the fatty.

I did not line-up to see the Crown Jewels. The line-up was huge and for me to stand in the pouring rain for 1.5+hrs for me to shuffle through in 5 minutes wasn’t my idea of a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. I did get some lovely pics of the Ravens in the Tower, and saw a Changing of the Guard ritual.

Left the Tower and wandered over Tower Bridge to the Southbank. Had lunch in a pub who’s name I cannot remember, but it was on Druid Street, so that was lovely. The pub was cute, just a few patrons, and it was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours in a cozy nook just people watching.

Wandered about some more, went to Southwark Cathedral and took some lovely pics. Went to The Clink which was wonderfully cheesy & tacky, but I had great fun. Saw the remains of Winchester Palace and went to the Anchor a lovely historic pub by the Thames. They have a covered patio right by the river, so I just got myself a drink and sat under the canopy watching boats go by.

Wandered about some more, just meandering about the place, no where in particular. Sometimes that is the best way to see a place, instead of aiming for something. I find that if you have a pre-set destination you can end up missing some truly wonderful experiences.

Managed to get back to the LSE while Waitrose was still open, picked up some tandoori chicken chunks some bread, juice, pineapple chunks and a chocolate ganache. Spent the evening in my room watching “Modern Family” on my ipad and just nibbled.

Next day was to meet with Cantrell!