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The last bit of my holidays consisted of being in and around the London area.

Early on the 20th of August we dropped off Prue & Sylvester at a cattery, cos Jess loves her felines apparently more than I do. When I take off I just leave them with a huge bowl of kibble, a bucket of water and the bathtub faucet dripping for my hellions.

I sat in the back of the car, enjoying the scenery whizzing by, napping and reading cheap & tawdry gossip magazines. We stopped off at a service station – which contains a WH Smith, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, and other sundry establishments … oh and toilets and petrol pumps.

Managed to make it into South London and took a train in. Found my new hoff at 178 High Holborn. Luckily Jess had pointed out the LSE (London School of Economics) to me, they rent out their dorm rooms during the summer break. So for the wonderful price of 27 quid per night I had my own room, though I had to share the shower, toilet & kitchen facilities with others in my quad. High Holborn also provided a buffet breakfast – which to be honest I only took advantage of twice.

I quite liked this location and I specifically chose it for its location (the LSE has dorms scattered about the city). It’s a 5 minute walk from Holborn Tube Station, from which I could take the Piccadilly line directly to Heathrow. It was also a short walk to the British Museum, wonderful pubs and shops.

Met up with some lovely tweeples at Hawksmoor, a bare 5 minute walk from where I was staying. The tweeples were @geeklawyer @jessrhian the fabulous @nancetron with the most fantastic glasses @sybilverity @bitter_limey @anneyeungmary and @msrobinson who I had met a few years back at Law Blawg, organised by Geekie. The food was fantastic, definitely not a vegetarian’s idea of nirvana. I ordered a rump steak, along with some sides of tomatoes with a light vinaigrette, there were chips as well .. and be prepared to be astounded, I had booze!

It was a wonderful way to start the latter part of my holidays in the London area. I hadn’t seen Tron & Geekie since before I collapsed with sepsis in 2009, just a bare 3 weeks before I was intibated with a tube shoved down my throat. Ah life!