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Not sure if my mom has become fearful now that she’s a widow, but she insisted on accompanying me to the airport to wish me bon voyage. She’s addicted to Swiss Chalet so after I checked in, which was relatively quickly, I took her to the Swiss Chalet in Toronto’s T3. I got the standard speech of how I should go to church and pray to Jesus each day for my safe return.

Boarded the plane and though this wasn’t my first trip I am still astounded at the size of carry-on that people are trying to get away with. Carry-on should only be what you cannot easily replace – your passport, prescription medication, electronics (camera, laptop, cellphone) and always one clean pair of underwear (incase they lose your luggage you’ll atleast feel somewhat better with a fresh pair of underwear on). I pack as my carry-on:

  • passport
  • travel documents (e-tickets, travel insurance etc)
  • wallet
  • ipad/netbook
  • camera
  • prescription medication
  • my medical supplies (gauze, surgical tape, catheters) which I cannot replace at all unless I visit a hospital immediately when I land
  • one pair of underwear
  • cellphone
  • universal travel charger – got one last year which is an all-in-one, quite small and is only one unit

My carry-on never even comes close to exceeding the size limitations or weight limitations. I may purchase a magazine and a bottle water/diet coke for entertainment and because the cabin can get dry. But that’s it.I also do not visit any exchange bureau before my flights, unless I’m flying into some place that doesn’t have ATMs. I was flying into Gatwick, there are ATMs there.

Got to Gatwick the next morning and had to get myself to Ruthie’s Hof up in Cambridgeshire. Did so and she picked me up in her snazzy new Mercades, along with a gentleman named Nigel. Was whisked off to be reunited with Ghengis (Ruthie’s feline familiar) and then off to a barbeque at Carole’s and then Bulldog Bash. Bulldog Bash is a weekend long motorcycle & music festival hosted by the Hell’s Angels near Stratford upon Avon. I quite liked it, but was suffering from jetlag majorily by the time we left near midnight GMT.

Next day was Cambridge, cos I expressed a desire to see it. Was subjected to the horrors of punting (I can’t swim and I am deathly afraid of drowning) and then wandering about the hallowed halls of Cambridge University. Was subjected to many examples of PDA (public displays off affection) between Ruthie & Nigel. There’s photographic evidence. And visited a pub that claimed to have the perfect pitcher of Pimms, and it was the best I’ve ever had.

Next day I was deposited in Ely so that Ruthie could have some alone time with her work, and I could just wander about. Had a conversation with some lovely OAPs, lunch at a riverside pub/restaurant, and the delights of a mommy duck herding her chicks across a walkway. In the evening it was down to London to see my Buki, at a Lebanese Restaurant near Knightsbridge. Ruthie joined me as I wanted my two favourite female lawyers to meet. Took a cab back to King’s Cross and train back up to Ely. Next day Geeklawyer picked me up.