I haven’t blogged in a while, and I’ll get round to blogging the wonderful details of my holidays shortly. I just wanted to get it off my chest:

Broken Ankles Suck!

I traipsed all over the place whilst on hols, scampering about on hillsides and climbing the occassional stone step and nary an issue with my ankles. I get home and on my second day back to work I leave the apartment and am going down a small flight of steps (6 max) to get to streetlevel and bam! my right knee gives out and I land on my ankle. At first I thought it was badly sprained and a kind gentleman helped me back inside. I laid on the sofa and then a few hours later I needed a wee, so I tried to get to the toilet .. could barely walk. I called 911 and got 2 very lovely paramedics to get me to the hospital. I was afraid that it was just a sprain and I’d look like an idiot crying over a sprain. I broke my ankle. So now I have a cast.

The hospital sent me home with some crutches. I had asked about a wheelchair but they assured me I could cope with the crutches. The next morning on my way to work (I had stolen some taxi chits from work, so was taking a cab in) it took me nearly 15 minutes to get downstairs (I live on the 18th floor) and into the taxi. At work the taxi dropped me off and a lovely stranger saw I was struggling to get into the building so he asked building security if they had a chair with wheels .. turns out they had a wheelchair so I borrowed it for the day. But same dilema, how to cope without the wheelchair. I found a lovely company that rents them out for $30 a week – VitalMobility.

So now I’m tootling about in my wheelchair. I am to go to the fracture clinic at Mount Sinai this coming Thursday, as I may need some pins in my ankle.

On a cute note, the felines have decided I need to be treated gently, so they don’t fight loudly and I can only get out of bed when they deem it necessary. They have taken to sleeping either on my good thigh or on my chest, so I can’t move without them growling at me.