I rarely blog about my beloveds – Aras & Linas. And I really should, as they are my tiny furry life companions, and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They provide the most amazing stress relief for me. There’s nothing more delightful than the little purrs I get from them when I get home. Aras in particular is quite adorable. He squeeks happily weaving about my legs until I get to my bedroom. He hops onto the bed and lunges for me, so that I can pick him up and cuddle him. While this is going on Linas is rubbing his fluffy self against my legs. Whatever cares one may have, just two very happy kitties can take them all away.

Lately my Linas has become very assertive, demanding his Fancy Feast in ever increasing decibels. When I first got him he was a frightened little cat, constantly hiding. It was so bad that one time my mother was afraid she lost him cos she couldn’t see him anywhere (he was under the sofa). Aras likes to sit really high up, while Linas prefers down low — which works beautifully as they do not need to fight for territory.

Aras has a bit of a cold, I think. He keeps sneezing and I give him his little eyedrops to help with what I hope is just feline hayfever. He’s quite docile when I give him his meds. Some people think Aras is a hellion, with claws at the ready, but with me he’s become rather gentle.