I got the oddest phone call today, this morning.  A company that specialises in merchant services was calling with regards to possibly assisting our company – Potato Inc (no I’m not using real names) – in helping to expand its reach to the consumer.

I told the individual that Potato Inc does not deal with the consumer, we are part of a multi-national global advertising & marketing conglomerate with offices in 130 countries. He asked how we deal with credit card payments – I told him that we don’t take credit card, as we do not deal with the consumer. I got the distinct impression that this person was reading off a list of potential scenarios — as I did hear a lot of paper rustling over the receiver.

Next question/suggestion was to meeting up with his firm to discuss ways to expand our business. At this point I was getting very annoyed and I asked him “did you not pay attention to what I said, we are an advertising & marketing firm, we don’t need help with marketing”. His next question was whether or not I was a decision maker for the business – that’s when I lost it and said rather firmly & with must suppressed frustration — why would a Senior Accountant be involved in making the decisions for a multi-national company with regards business expansion?”

I have been on the receiving end of such a conversation, when I worked a telemarketer for all of one week doing cold calls to people’s homes asking if they would be interested in donation to the Liver Foundation. I did that job for a week, because that is all I could take.

Telemarketers of the world, I beseech you — listen to the fucking responses you get! When you are calling on behalf of an agency that deals with merchant services (processing credit card payments) if the individual tells you that they are in advertising and do not deal with credit cards, it behooves you to realise that you will get nowhere and you are wasting your time.