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I have bladder stones which need to be removed. Now before all my beloved friends get excited, no it’s not the gall bladder stones … I still have issues with the gall bladder that no General Surgeon will think of slicing me open… damn them all!

I have some bladder stones .. the bladder from which we all void our wee.

I went in for my ultrasound today, and I was a tad earlier. I was suitably covered in lubricant for the ultrasound wand to do its work. Half hour later I was clutching my report to take over to the C ystoscopy Clinic for my appointment with Dr Herschorn. I opened the report, to read it, before handing it over to the Cysto Secretary – a lovely woman named Donna. I like her, and she remembers me so I am never left standing at the desk waiting to be checked-in. I just wave, say hello and then sit down.

According the Ultrasound Report they detected something odd and couldn’t determine what it was. It’s something in my lower abdomen, and it is recommended that I get an MRI.

While waiting for my cystoscopy to begin I was sitting in one of those holding areas full of patients in hospital gowns. I say full of patients, it’s actually predominately their family members. There’s a sign that says the seating is for patients only, but the volunteer maintaining the area ignored the signage. One fellow was left standing cos some other person’s family members refused to get out of their seats.

I was lead into the cysto room by a lovely Urology Nurse named Diane .. she too, like Donna, knows me. I had to sign one of those pesky forms of “if we inadvertently kill you, we are not liable” .. one of those blasted consent forms. I was on the table, being prepped for the cystoscopy. Dr Herschorn asked me if he’ll be reading about today on my blog (he found this blog a while ago) – so yes, he will. The cystoscope was inserted, there was a minor pinch and then I could see the inside of my bladder. I have 3 bladder stones. One he was able to remove but the other two are too big for the “cage” to remove so we need a little laser to crush them.

I am still bleeding a bit. Diane thinks Dr Herschorn may have widened my stoma at the bladder wall opening. I had been complaining that I have been having a hard time inserting the catheter. I had also requested if I could go back on a drug-maintenance regime. I am not on one, the argument being that I could develop a resistance and it would be ideal if we can prolong the time frame before this actually happens.

I did get the little note I need to go past customs so they don’t confiscate my medical schtuffs before boarding a plane. I wasn’t bothered last year, except for when I flew to Germany. And if I don’t get bothered this year that’s okay, it’s still nice to have a little note just in case some Customs Officer gets overzealous and tries to take away my gauze, syringes, lube and catheters. Plus the antiseptic wipes.