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Huzzah! Another quarter-end in this wacky world of accountantcy. Yet another time when all I really want to do is to slit my throat.

For the past two years I have been preparing documentation for a co-work (Twit) to do her accrual for outstanding purchase orders. I managed to put together a detailed set of instructions on how this is achieved, and gave it to her this morning. I was asked “what is this?”. My response was that I have been doing a portion of her job for two years and it’s time she took over her own responsibilities.

It takes me two hours to prepare the documentation, two hours in a tight quarter-end which could be used for more useful things – like my own work. I informed Twit that I have been doing her job for two years, it’s too time consuming and it’s time for her to take over. “But I have to focus on my revenue!!!! Can’t you continue doing this?”. I said no, I can provide support and guidance, but I refuse to do her job. But I have revenue! I have 4 companies to reconcile, she has one.

I need a drink!

Why can’t people take responsibility for their own work?