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I live in the city centre of a major city out here in the Colonies. Real estate is at a premium, and whatever hovel one manages to find costs a fair number of shekkels to rent.

To be frank, my flat is a palatial 448 square feet. That’s right, a whole 448 square feet to call my own. And I share this living space of mine with two very demanding hellspawn – Aras & Linas, my two feline overlords. The plus side to living with them is that they can usually fend for themselves. As long as there is a litter box, some water & some food they are fairly independent. I like that. I like the fact that I don’t have to rush home so they can be taken out to shit under a tree. Granted, I am not overly enthused with the delights of cleaning the kitty litter but thankfully that is not a daily chore.

Across the way from me is another flat of equal palatial proportions. In said flat lives a couple and their two dogs. Now, I am a single human sharing her dwelling space with two felines. They are two adults with two dogs; dogs that require regular walking. One of them is a small French Pug and the other is some great big monstrosity which I can hear from my flat when both my door & their door is closed. The huge beast barks at everything — the wind is blowing he barks, he hears my cats meow he barks, he hears walking in the corridors he barks.

One neighbour, who lives one floor down, has on several occasions left a fairly terse & annoyed note on said neighbour’s door. The gist of each note has been “shut your fucking dog up, some of us are trying to sleep”.

I have never been a big fan of all things canine. They are fairly stupid, cannot take care of themselves, if left to their own devices would roll around in their own shit, and require way too much care. I like cats. They are small, nimble, and you can ignore them without a huge pouting session starting up.

I truly wish that when people are thinking of getting a furry companion that they take into account their living situation. A large dog in a tiny flat is not good. It isn’t fair to the dog, as it doesn’t get much opportunity to run around. As well, it isn’t fair to the neighbours who have to hear the howling for attention that invariably occurs.