(I ask anyone reading this to not share with Squirrel, this is just a reflection and I do not wish it getting back to him).

I broke up with Squirrel nearly 6 years ago. Most people would then just have nothing to do with their ex, but because there are mutual friends I had decided to maintain a friendship.

Squirrel has dated several ladies over the years and each one has been special
*like the one who cheated on him because he must have been cheating on her (what with him having all these lady friends)
*the one looking for a sugar daddy & who is busily sleeping her way through the Toronto Pagan community
*the ex of a mafia dude

and the list could go on.

Each & every single time Squirrel has taken up with a lady I get blocked. I am told that I am too dependent & clingy, that I embarrass him. One time he was dating a friend of mine and she was avoiding me. I asked him why Heike was avoiding me and I was told that she was afraid to say the wrong word to me cos I can be mean — never telling me that she was afraid to tell me that they were dating (which I wasn’t aware of .. when I did confront her, asking why she was avoiding me especially when I felt so isolated at the LBW in 2006 she told me cos she thought I was pissed she & Squirrel were dating … I was so pissed at Squirrel for letting me believe that it was my fault she was avoiding me .. and for the record I was in a bad mood precisely because I was being isolated and was too busy running around running the LBW that year).

A friend once accused Squirrel of being passive-aggressive. I think it’s more than that. Anything that impacts him is of great importance, that is when he’s super sensitive .. but he’s the most insensitive bastard when it comes to others’ feelings.

The latest? He’s trying to organise a movie night, inviting *my* friends but excluding me cos it would make the new floozy uncomfortable to have me there. I suggested to Rachael, my friend who was invited, to please go .. and just casually ask him where I am, as he would never have met her & her husband if it weren’t for me.