I don’t wear wear perfume, nor do I wear cologne. I’ve never really understood the need for artificial scents as I’ve always held to the belief that a good strong sense of personal hygiene is all one really needs. This is purely anecdotal, but I have found those who are the most stinky (i.e., those who practically bathe in perfume/cologne) are also the ones who bathe maybe once a week.

I remember when I worked at one retailer, in the Finance Department, and there was this fellow who’s cologne would get stronger and stronger throughout the week until Friday when my eyes would be watering from the sheer strength of it all. I approached him, he was completely oblivious to my request that he tone it down. So I went to HR. End result was that the fellow was bathing only once a week, and to mask his natural man-stink, which would get stronger and stronger, he would cover up with cologne. It was strongly recommended that he attend to his hygiene habits.

I know there are people out there who use scent as a way to attract certain types of individuals or who want to give off a certain impression. Lovely. But in today’s modern western society where we tend to cram ourselves like sardines into elevators, onto escalators and even the office environment being a large maze of open cubicles … one person’s perfume is another person’s torment.

When I worked at DeVry, eons ago when the dinosaurs walked the earth, the VP of Administration put up a big sign in the Finance Department – This is a Scent-Free Zone. I loved her for that.

Wear your perfume, if you like, but please .. those of you who insist on subjecting our nostrils to your personal brand of scent, wear it so that if I’m one metre away I don’t “feel it”. It should be subtle, and not have the attributes of Thor’s Hammer.