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I share my living space with two rather demanding felines – Aras and Linas.

Linas is my poofy puddle of kittiness. Aras is a hellspawn. And though I still dearly miss my beloved Pupa these two have wormed their way into my heart.

I had originally got Aras in the summer of 2009. I got him from a city-run animal shelter and fell in love with a picture of him. In the pic he was all of 6 months old and looked absolutely cheeky. And the wee tufts of fur on his ear tips are just way too adorable. Unfortunately I had never lived with a kitten, and he was and still is quite energetic. Seems the little bastard was not wanted because he’s black, but I happen to love black cats. I got him home and we were busy getting to know each other – then I got sick. I was away from my home for nearly a month, a month in which my wee kitten was being taken care of by people he didn’t know very well. He managed to bond with one of them – Mr Squirrel. To this day Aras gets excited when he sees Squirrel – his tail puffs up and he starts trying to play-fight with Squirrel, usually winning.

I got Linas a year ago, mostly cos I got tired of disciplining Aras. Aras would constantly bite and scratch me and I put it down to him being bored & lonely during my working hours. So I got Linas, who is a companion. Linas is a timid little fluff ball. But he does manage get a few swipes in when squabbling with Aras. They seem to adore each other cos sometimes I see them grooming each other.  Though they have worked out which areas are theirs – anything high up is Aras’s domain and all the bookcases are Linas’s.

I love my feline overlords; they are vocal, very demanding, and they are very affectionate.