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In ways 2010 was better than 2009 and yet there were moments I wish I had never experienced.

So onto the list of the delights that made up 2010 for me:

  • Started 2010 with severe abdominal pain, thinking it was the return of the hell of the Summer of 2009. Turns out I have a wonky gall bladder. Over successive months I tried to get it taken care of, with all the General Surgeons telling me that was either a bad UTI (I know what those are, and trust me you patronising boob it wasn’t) or it was indeed issues with some gallstones (which the ultrasounds at both Sunnybrook and Mount Sinai showed) but I am too “complex”. End result the General Surgeons failed me and I am now coping by trying to eat low fat so that I don’t excaserbate the situation. If I get a ruptured gall bladder I will be smacking a certain General Surgeon quite hard (Dr Home Tien) — who strongly believes that all my upper right quadrant pain was due to a UTI.
  • My father died. To say I wasn’t thrilled is an understatement. I got a frantic phone call from my mom in early February to say that my father was in hospital, taken there by ambulance. In the space of 4 weeks my father declined rapidly and died of lymphoma. It could have been dealt with earlier, but my father had stopped his chemo treatment a year before declaring that he’d rather die of cancer than from the chemo. One bright spot was my friend Ruthie coming me to visit my dad. My father always had a soft spot for blonde ladies, and he didn’t disappoint — with his flirting. Plus I got a fab picture of Ruthie looking mad in a hospital gown & surgical gloves.
  • Ruthie visited me!
  • My friend Brian got married to his long time sweetheart, and I gleefully took part in Rachael’s suggestion of making some display plates for the couple.
  • Visit to England! Got to meet up with Cantrell, but sadly not with Geeklawyer who was off at some festival when I arrived with my entourage; and due to timing we couldn’t manage to get together.
  • Got to see Enron, The Musical with Cantrell – I loved it!
  • I had decided that since the price of airfare from London to Dusseldorf is so cheap I should visit Yalla & Kerstin, who I had not seen in 4 years. It was lovely seeing them, and the activities planned for us were just awesome.
  • The rest of the year was fairly uneventful, though there were some fun activities like Rob & Rachael’s Christmas Party, my Kucios, Naresh’s birthday bash, and seeing Handel’s Messiah with my mom.
  • Here’s for a more awesome 2011! My hope is to emigrate to the UK this year. Already have a certain young potential PA (I’m looking at you bizbazbarratt) doing cartwheels trying to get me over.