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Yesterday I was scheduled for a cystoscopy yesterday at Sunnybrook for 11:45am, but got in at 2:00pm.  My doctor was called away to the OR so there was a bit of a backlog building up due to this unforeseen situation. I sat, hopefully, patiently waiting to be “scoped”. I sat in an area populated by 3 other patients, and their husbands. I had to listen to conversations about net curtains, why it’s better to leave at 3am for a car trip across the border, and which restaurants in Florida serve such large portions that it’s best to just share one portion. To say I was bored is understating it. Luckily I had my ipod touch to keep me amused.

My doctor strolled into the examination room, while I was being setup for the “cysto” and he mentioned that he had been reading a certain person’s blog – mine. For certain people this would be embarrassing, but for me I was just pleasantly amused. I know I haven’t written anything bad about him, so I have nothing to worry about.

I also bumped into a certain Dr O’Malley, the young resident who took care of me last year when I was in the ER before my delightful sinking into unconsciousness. Oddly enough, I do remember quite a few of the Residents and Interns from my past – not all of them, as there must be hundreds, but quite a few .. atleast those who have made an impression on me.

The cystoscopy was uneventful for me. The scope was inserted, it was twirled about inside the bladder, and withdrawn. I was also to have a slight widening of the stoma. I actually thought Dr Herschorn forgot, but it appears that he did make a small slice, but I didn’t feel it at all. I appear to have a few little bladder stones, and they appear to be surrounding the surgical staples from the surgery 3 years ago. Nothing to be concerned about for now, but still something to monitor in case they become a problem.

Bladder appears delightfully clear, which is good. I have been drinking lots of fluids, trying to flush my system fairly regularly .. I do not want any urea to be sitting stagnant in the bladder for too long. I have also found that doing a gentamicyn-flush of the bladder works as well. I have also been taking my vitamins – I started taking them regularly 3 years ago when my homecare nurse, Beulah, suggested that for the healing process that getting as much of my daily recommended dose of vitamins & minerals that I take a multi. I have been doing that ever since.  As well, Dr Lee suggested that I never get constipated, as that could cause havoc with her portion of the surgery .. so I also monitor my fibre intake, aiming for atleast 20g per day though the ideal would be 25g.