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It’s quarter-end here in the land of accounting. What makes this different from other monthend hells? How shall I count them?

  • shortened reporting period, instead of having 7 days to prepare my financial packages I have 5 days
  • I have extra journal entries that need to go through
  • Have to submit my quarterly update on the Forecast
  • Quarterly breakdown, by client, of our profit

And there’s always some stupid hiccup to our accounting system. This time I cannot run any reports from Business Warehouse (it’s an add-on to SAP). I try to run a report and what would normally take a minute or two is now taking 2hrs. The Regional Helpdesk has declare this Critical – last Friday. I am still waiting to see this get fixed. Them telling me that it has only been 2 days means sh*t to me — it’s been 4 days for me.

I am hoping to leave the office today before 9pm. Looks like it may be later, who knows.

I want to stab them in their lazy little bums, and get them to actually treat the situation as critical. I have emailed my manager about this situation. I have also emailed the Controller for North America. If I can’t meet deadlines like hell am I taking the fall for it.

And I’m not the only one suffering. One co-worker has lost complete access to all reports — as if all of it has been revoked; and another, she can get into Business Warehouse before she can chose which report to run it freezes on her.