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I work as an accountant. There has be a certain mindset and personality that is suitable to the profession, if one is to be successful at it. I believe I am an excellent accountant, and in many respects I do display the necessary mindset for accountantcy — detail oriented, preferring emails over telephone conversations (so that there’s an audit trail), assessing each situation for cost/benefit, and in general being fairly quiet. Oh I do have a fairly odd sense of humour, so I’m not dry & boring (I hope), two hellspawn masquarading as cats, and an interesting collection of friends from around the world.

What I am not is a vacuous party creature, with fairly whimsical fancies.

This coming week is my company’s 50th Anniversary. It has been strongly suggested that Finance show up to the party. Most of us (meaning all of us really) don’t want to go. These parties usually get scheduled around the busy part of the month; it has been like this for Christmas, Summer Parties, drinks events etc. I work in an advertising agency, so that means there lots of creative peeps wafting about. So they tend to focus on their needs without paying attention to others.

Why does Finance not feel like going? Several reasons:

  • Finance has the highest average age of any department. Many of the Finance peeps have children, are older (40s+ .. I’m one of the youngest btw), are have fairly staid interests.
  • The rest of the Agency is mostly comprised of individuals under 30. So there is a generational divide to some extent.
  • None of us enjoys getting sloshed.
  • We don’t want to shell out the cash to get red ballgowns (one of the requirements for this shindig), cos we are all cheap-ass beancounters who’d rather spend $$ on something more worthwhile.

Last December I attended the Christmas Party. I left after 30 minutes. I don’t know anyone in the Agency (strange though this may seem, I am actually quite shy) and those that I do know is cos they usually require something of me. As I am the mean creature who says “NO” most of the time to them, it’s not exactly a squishy-relationship I have with them. The party was held in a Jazz/Martini bar. There was no seating, the music was way too loud (I don’t relish the idea of having to breathe into someone’s face just to hear them), no nibblies, and it was cramped. I did not feel comfortable. My manager was shocked that I wasn’t drinking, as she had assumed that I am a bit of a partier. I had to adjust her thinking on this and inform that I am fairly close to being a teetotler.

Today I have been fielding questions from the Agency asking if I will make an appearance. I’d rather pull out my toenails.