Today was my first day of German Class, offered by the Toronto District School Board, as a general adult education course. I’ve always wanted to to learn German and this is my opportunity. Other course, scattered about the city, are usually during the week; and as I work sometimes rather wacky hours having a class on a Tuesday night is not an option. Saturdays are wunderbar!

So today was my first class. I met an interesting array of characters, who masquerade as my classmates. One is a lady named Sandra from Belgium, who speaks Flemish; another is an elder gentleman named Craig — who is just driving me completely nuts. Others are a peeps from Croatia, Serbia, a lady affianced to a swiss-german, several OAPs, and a few ladies my age. It’s a conversational german class, not heavy duty german grammar. Quite a few of the peeps had a hard time accepting this and kept asking questions about the grammatical rules — cos they couldn’t get over the conjugation, articles, and dipthongs. I am used to this cos of my own funny language.

The instructor is good. I quite like her. Her name is Lilli and she emigrated to Canada from Germany about 4 years ago. I think what goes a long way towards my liking her – during a break she approached me and said I was the most advanced. I was dead pleased! But really, I can pronounce things rather easily once I hear it, and I am used to the idea of 3 genders, so thusfar the little I have learnt has been relatively easy.

Only downside? The location. I don’t drive, and the class is is about 90 minutes away from home, by public transit. And it’s in the middle of nowhere … other than a shopping mall in the area.