I went out for a friend’s birthday celebration last night, and there was my Cat. Along with several other repropates 🙂

My getting sick last year has freaked them out. Cat, when she got home from KG, received a message from Stephanie that I’m okay and not in hospital. That is so sweet, and yet I feel like I am being stalked – but in a loving fashion.

Seems my rather liberal usage of Facebook is the barometer they use to determine if I’m okay. If there hasn’t been an update it means I’m in hospital and it’s time to worry. I did reassure them that if I am not at Facebook they are to check Sunnybrook, as that is where I will be 99% of the time if I’m ill.

Mr Squirrel was also taken to task for not letting peeps know I was sick last year. So he’s under orders that he is to post on my FB wall if I am ill .. so these lovely stalkerish friends can keep dibs on me.

On a happy note, Cat noticed my weight loss and is looking forward to “inheriting” some of my Holy Clothing outfits. What love.