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When I got home to Ely the previous night I had received an email from Liam, who happened to be in London at the time. So I gave him my mobile number and told him to meet us at Holborn at noon, for our gallivanting excursion with Cantrell. We all got to Holborn with minutes to spare and had to wait for Cantrell.

We first went for a drink at a lovely pub that I cannot remember the name of. But it was around the corner from Holborn and it is one of the few pubs that has a protection order on the stain glass found in the gents and ladies’ toilets. The stain glass was absolutely beautiful and Rachael and I dutifully took pics of them. The men, for some reason, couldn’t bring themselves to bring their cameras to the gents.

The day was a bit of a blur for me, I admit, as my infection was getting worse; I had blood at that point, my joints were aching and I found it extremely difficult to walk with my entire body in pain, but I managed somehow. We ended up walking around Covent Garden area and Rachael spied an esoteric shop (pagan bookstore). We went in, with Cantrell saying rather loudly “what is this shit”. The shop owner took it in stride, laughed and invited Cantrell in for a pleasant debate if he wanted one. Seems Tarotcub, Rachael, Rob and myself spent a bit too long in the shop and in the meanwhile Cantrell and Liam wandered over to a camera shop. Found them outside. Went over to a korean restaurant, that serves food quickly and for a very cheap price.

After lunch, the Comic Museum on Little Russell. The museum is one of many small ones that does not receive government support, and only survives off of admission ticket prices and donations. I made a small donation of 2 quid, as I thought it excellent. The museum is small, but it has quite the celebration of British comic art, with a section on satire through the ages. Bought some books, one of them being a history of London Satirical comics.

We then wandered over to Lincoln Inn Fields, one of the four Inns of Court (each British Barrister belongs to an Inns of Court). At Lincoln’s Inn Fields can be found the Royal College of Surgeons. Within the College’s building is the Huntarian Museum — a surgical museum where there were some great oddities. Could not take pictures, they were not allowed. But some of the delights to behold were a bishop’s arse preserved in a great big glass jar (it was rather tight), a selection if skeletons (human and animal), dissection tables from the 17thC and 18thC, which included the human vascular system  (the body on the table was carefully carved away, so that only the vascular system remained) and another had the human nervous system.

After the Hunterian we went off someplace for drinks and eventual dinner. We spent a leisurely couple of hours at a pub, where the fascination in Cantrell continued to grow. The dinner was delicious, but by that point I was exhausted from trying to keep up. After dinner while the others rushed for a taxi to take them to Regent’s Park for a performance of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors I took a taxi to St Pancras, to catch the train to Ely from Kings Cross. Luckily, when the taxi deposited me by the Eurostar entrance to St Pancras (which is across the way from Kings Cross) the train was there, so I didn’t have to wait around .. weaving with a huge fever (I had a fever at that point). Ruthie picked me up, and I just rested up.

From what I was told by Tarotcub the next day, they all had to rush to get to Kings Cross for the final train.