June 23rd it was the first day to spend with a certain deviant chaperone – one Mr David Cantrell. Tarotcub and Rachael were tired from their adventures, so instead it was myself and Robert who made the trek from Ely to London to meet Cantrell for 10a at the Westminster Pier by the Embankment. We missed the train going down to Kings Cross so instead we took the train going to London Liverpool Street. That took a while, and when we reached the station there was a slow down on the line we needed. Ended up taking a taxi to meet Cantrell and in the meanwhile we missed the boat for Richmond; so instead we took the boat to Kew Gardens. The boat ride was fun, with very colourful commentary from one of the crew. I took some interesting pictures, including Battersea Power Station, Lambeth Palace, Chiswick and so forth. Landed at Kew, and we took off to a lovely pub.

Mr Cantrell is a tall gentleman and Robert took advantage of this as he himself is rather tall. I was left in the dust while those two bonded. Every once in a while they remembered me and stopped for a bit to make sure I hadn’t gotten lost. Got to the pub and that was Robert’s first experience of Pimm’s. There were several pitchers consumed during lunch. After lunch we went off to Kew Gardens.

I loved Kew Gardens, but I couldn’t fully appreciate it as at that point I was suffering quite acutely from a raging infection which was (and still is) causing me to tire very easily. But I managed to enjoy the various tree species, the glass houses which had some amazing botanicals from the Commonwealth, and the various little creatures littering the place. Saw a gorgeous peacock which was sitting in some shade, being coo’d over by a cute little toddler. The ducks, geese, swans and peacocks at Kew Gardens are quite accustomed to humans, so it was very easy to get up close to them.

Unfortunately the electrical generators went out at Kew so none of the cafes were serving drinks. Found a ice cream truck outside the gates and immediately I got myself an ice lolly and a bottle of diet coke. We made our way back to central London for dinner at a Thai Restaurant. A “lady boy” was serving us. The place was small, with a small menu, but the food was prepared quite nicely and deliciously.

Afterwards Cantrell and I went over to the Noel Coward Theatre for the Enron the Musical performance. For some odd reason my fellow Canucks did not want to join me in this excursion. But I was interested, in part because London is a major theatre centre and I could not pass up the opportunity to see some theatre whilst in London. The play was great and I would love to see it again. Cantrell got us some really good seats, second row, of the balcony. The theatre was not huge so it was very easy to see the entire audience and the stage as well. One of the details of the play that I really liked was that there was a screen hanging really high up showing the Enron share prices during all the events being depicted. I would highly recommend the play to anyone. Another moment of enjoyment for me was during the intermission. There was a fellow trying to explain the arcane attributes of accountantcy to his date — it was highly amusing listening to him.

After the play I really wanted to just find a hotel to spend the night, instead of making the trek up to Ely. Tried 5 hotels but nothing. So thankfully Holborn Station is only 2 tube stops from Kings Cross so I was able to make the last train at 11:15pm, rolling into Ely at 12:30 for Ruthie to pick me up.